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May 22 2006 - Welcome to AHrg! This started out as an honours project but since I'm unemployed with alot of time on my hand I've decided to share it on SourceForge and see what happens. I notice I got a download, cool. To whoever it was - 'sorry about the documentation, I am working on it, I promise'. In the meantime if anyone has any interest in this tool but is having trouble setting it up send me an email and I will take the time to help you out.

June 10 2006 - Haven't had much time to work on it but there doesn't seem to be any interest in it anyway so I am only going to develop the tool for now with maybe a little bit of work on the documentation. If there is an interest that forms I will put more time into this site. Until then, the best bet for any required support would be to email me.

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